When Photoshopping is Caught ;)

This is what happens when poor Photoshopping attempt is caught!

So, our Indian Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi visited Chennai to take the stock of flood situation. Situation in Chennai is indeed grim, and help is pouring from all sides. After the visit, PM also announced release of funds from centre to TN government to help rescue and rehabilitation. He is one of the rare Prime ministers, who, in the event of natural disasters, visits the ground zero as early as possible and mobilizes the help from Centre to the states.

However, his noble intentions got clouded due to laughable and highly irresponsible lapse of judgement by the none other than Press Information Bureau team !! They posted series of photographs about his visit. Someone from the PIB team felt this is not enough, and they decided to use little trick. They Photoshopped one of the photos so as to show flooded Chennai from aeroplane’s window !! This Photoshopping attempt was so miserable, that netizens realized it instantly. Since then Twitterati went on a roll making a mockery of PIB’s post.

The creativity of netizens is quite amusing. So, I have gathered many of these tweets here, for readers to enjoy. Some of these Photoshopping attempts are simply brilliant!

Note: This is not an belittling of our honourable PM, but it is criticism for PIB.

Enjoy 😉

#PhotoshopFail #PhotoshopBoomrang #EpicFail

It all started with this …



and then …

This one is Truly Epic !

ROFL … 😛

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