Australia by Train – Discover it on my way

I have to admit I have experienced a lot. However, the best time I had, was while I was traveling across Australia. You may think it doesn’t have a lot to offer, but you’re wrong. What made this trip so special was the fact that I traveled by train all the way from Sydney to Perth. Going on this coast-to-coast trip was definitely the best decision I made. Here is the short travelogue of my journey – Australia by Train!


Day 1 – Sydney

Visiting Sydney sounds like cliché; but I don’t care. The plan for the start was a two day stay in Sydney. Of course, the first two things I desperately wanted to see were the Harbour Bridge and the famous Opera House. After leaving my stuff at the hotel I wasted no time and joined the Harbour Bridge climbing tour. This was a challenge for me, since I’m quite afraid of heights, but once I got up there the fear was gone. I could only look in astonishment at how beautiful the city was. What’s more, I could see the magnificent Opera House and snap a bunch of pictures of it. After this little adventure, I decided to simply stroll around the city and see what I could find. I was surrounded by this amazing culture and variety of people while the gentle sea breeze was cooling me under the sun. I just walked slowly and watched the people and the way they behaved. I tried to take in everything I could. Soon, I got hungry and decided to treat myself with a nice dinner at the Quay while gazing at the beautiful view of Sydney Harbour.

Sydney Bridge

Sydney Bridge


Day 2 – Blue Mountains Day Tour

After my first adventurous day in Sydney, I was thirsty for more. Before hopping on a train to start the tour across the country, I decided to join the Blue Mountains day tour. It took us about an hour to get there, but once we arrived I just couldn’t believe it. The fresh morning air was filling my lungs while I gazed upon the most amazing landscape. The whole tour went kangaroo and cockatoos spotting, which was followed by a nice refreshing tea while our tour guide told us a lot about the history of the Aboriginal peoples. During the entire walk, the sounds of nature were surrounding us and it felt like heaven. I will never forget how one cockatoo flew right above my head, almost hitting me. No matter how fast my heart was pounding, I will always cherish that close encounter with Australia’s nature. In the evening, we headed back to Sydney and I was exhausted. Luckily, all I had to do is pack my bags from the hotel and hop on an Indian Pacific train for Adelaide for another adventure.

The Blue Mountains, Australia


Day 3 and 4 – Adelaide

It took me one whole night but I finally found myself in Adelaide. My first thoughts were on finding the accommodation. Some of the people I met on the train recommended checking out houses for rent. While wandering around, we stumbled upon an ad about finding flatmates in Australia and I instantly fell in love with the idea. The house we found were right at the beach and the people were super welcoming. We hit it off instantly, and after a quick shower, they offered to show me their town. We rented bikes and started our journey. In those two relaxing days I spent in Adelaide, they have shown me the elegance of the North Terrace and its culture. We spent relaxing hours at the beach drinking beer and telling stories. Afterwards, they took me to see the beauty of Adelaide Hills to recharge my batteries for the rest of the trip. I was sad to leave this pretty town and part with my new friends, but my adventure was still ahead of me.



Day 5 – Nullarbor Plain

When I woke up the next morning, I wasn’t sure where I was. Through the window, I could see the endless valley stretching across the landscape. I cracked the window a bit to let the fresh morning air inside and enjoy the view. I looked out the window for some time and I was relaxed by the beauty of the Nullarbor Plain. I also learnt that the name stands for “no trees” and I never thought such a view could calm me down so much. It was a long journey by train, so I decided to mingle with others and enjoy the advantages of train accommodation. I spent some time with my new friends while drinking coffee and enjoying some of the Australia’s cuisine. By the end of the day, we had a short break from the train ride and enjoyed the fresh air of Nullarbor under its magnificent endless sky.

Australia by Train - Nullarbor through the window

Australia by Train – Nullarbor through the window


Day 6 and 7 – Perth

Our last stop was just a few hours away – Perth. Once we arrived I decided to search for another share accommodation and meet the locals. The last day and a half was reserved for exploring the beauties of Perth. The first things I visited were the beautiful museums and galleries. In Western Australian Museum, I got the chance to get in touch with Australian culture and local scientific history. Also, I wanted to see the iconic animals up close, so I went for a walk in the Perth Zoo. There, I got close to cute koalas, strong kangaroos and weird birds like emus. I have never had the chance to see those animals in person, so this was a pretty special day for me. After a long walk in the zoo, I decided to sit down for a coffee in a funky café Kinky Lizard and gaze at the beach and end this fun day. The next day, I took a ferry ride to the Rottnest Island to meet the famous quokkas. After the cutest encounter in the world, I decided to sit down and relax on the nearest beach and get some more tan. I was really sad, because my visit was almost over, but I sure experienced plenty of things.

Sculpture, Perth

I have to admit I was exhausted after this long trip. Nevertheless, I have many beautiful memories in my heart and camera and I would certainly do it again; especially because I have new friends I want to visit.

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