Highlights of the Mini Maker Faire, Bangalore

Mini Maker Faire, Bangalore

Mini Maker Faire, Bangalore

The Workbench projects had organized a Mini Maker Faire in association with NASSCOM at (Taj Vivanta, Yeshwantpur) Bangalore on 15th October 2015. I was attending such maker-faire for the first time. It was like a fun science-art exhibition. People from various walks of life, from youngsters to elders, have made something and presented their creations there.

The Maker Faire is a gathering of local makers, highly enthusiastic folks, who have ‘made’ something. Event was quite fun. It was a gathering of fascinating and curious people, who enjoy learning and who love sharing what they do. India is yet to host such a celebration on a grand scale, as a Maker Faire. One such event will be held for the first time in 2016. The mini maker faire was a precursor to next year’s mega event.

People had presented their 3D printers, remote controlled aeroplanes, robotic arm, funny string fountain, interactive table, solar powered boom-box, paper art, expresso paintings and what not !! Arduino was a backbone of most of the electronics projects! There was a stall by SECO as well. They were pitching their new single board computer which was hybrid of Arduino and Raspberry Pi – UDOO. Also, kinetic exploratory art piece and 3D projection of Kathakalli was quite fascinating !

Video Highlights:

Here is a short video of the highlights of the Mini Maker Faire -2015.

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