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The man has a fascination for the light sources from the ancient times. Decorative glittering glass objects with light sources mounted inside or around the structures, namely chandelier, are being used as a symbol of wealth from medieval times. From around 15th century, chandeliers have started taking more complex forms and shapes (More info).

We often look at these beautiful objects when we enter or exit the room. Quickly glancing at them, we usually ignore or simply forget to appreciate their true beauty from different perspectives and angles. Whenever I see the huge chandeliers I feel amazed by their glittering beads of glass, by the fleeting rainbow speckles as you around it, and their symmetrical structure.

Today, I went for a party at ITC Gardenia’s Mysore Hall. They have beautiful chandeliers in all their lobbies and halls. I clicked the following photograph while admiring the beauty of one such chandelier. Standing right below and directly looking up. This one has a spiral structure with countless glass beads, and it is illuminated from the centre with a radial arrangement of lights fixed on a ceiling.

Chandelier at ITC Gardenia
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