Life, Progress, and Illusion

Life, Progress, and Illusion

Many (not all) of the today’s new inventions (zillions of Apps, countless Games, unnecessary Gadgets) are concerned about grabbing more your active attention & time. Illusion is so powerful that you never come to know that you have lost the precious time of interacting with fellow human beings and the real nature around you. Knowingly unknowingly we spend the precious time in staring at the illusive screens, typing countless characters or pondering over the data around us, which ultimately does nothing more than temporarily engaging the brain, without contributing to eternal happiness, feeling of content, or inner peace.

These are … (If I may dare to say …) wasteful efforts.

Irony is, many of us (read corporate intellectual labours across hierarchies) want to spend more of our time with artificial entities, and creating even more artificial entities, than with real humans, and many of us sincerely believe (or had been made to believe ?) that … this is the Progress!

Creating worlds of crushing candies, or castles, and spending time on these illusions; comparing needless data points about each other’s lives, is more glamorous (and may be bit easier) than solving nature’s puzzles or building systems that can actually improve human life, sensibilities, world peace and emotions towards each other.

Well … we are way too many of our kind, and empty mind is a devil’s workshop, so basically everyone needs to do something, else there will be a lot of devilry around 🙂

May be few understand, but many choose to continue to play the (pointless) Game.

** My thoughts after watching few trailers of Westworld, and reading about the concept, and from my own / known experiences of how ‘social’ media is making people anti-social **

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