Train Graffiti – Frustrations of the Train Traveller !

I was traveling in Geetanjali Express on 6th March towards Kharagpur. We all have regular experience of ‘cleanliness’ in our express trains, and we have got accustomed to it. However, that day some cleanliness freak must had been on board.

Train left the kalyan station at 7 am on 6th March. I was in 3 tier AC class, and had used one of the lavatories in my bogie at around 9 am in the morning. As usual entire bogie and lavatory was neat and clean, since train has just began its journey. I went to a same lavatory again at around 11 am and I noticed that somebody had made it dirty and it was disgusting … yuck!!! I came out and used other one. Then in the remaining day I used some other lavatories in that bogie. In the night time at around 10 pm, I accidentally went to the same lavatory (By this time I had forgotten which one is the dirty one… 🙂 ), it was clean at that time, but to my astonishment I found this :

Graffiti on the washroom door of a train

Graffiti on the washroom door of a train

It read:

To all the third class folks sitting in an AC couch, please maintain cleanliness in the lavatories !

The back of the door was clean in the morning, and I am very much sure some frustrated cleanliness freak must have written this one after seeing the dirt (!) he he he …. 🙂

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