Opposites – RGB and Y

This selectively coloured photo of contrasting colours (of RGB and Yellow colours) and their opposite arrangements was shot at a small restaurant in Bangalore using Moto G3 phone.

The Red, Green, and Blue colours are basic building blocks for almost all electronic displays. They are called as Primaries. Various colour combinations as seen my the human eye can be created by mixing of two or more colours. There as two types of colour mixing procedures, namely, additive mixing and subtractive mixing. The RGB colours are used for creating various colours using additive mixing. All computer monitors, television sets, and projectors, use RGB primaries to create various colours. Similarly, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow colours are used for subtractive colour mixing. They are mainly used by the printing devices and by the painters. During earlier days Red, Yellow and Blue were used as the colour primaries for subtractive colour mixing.

The arrangement of RGB and Y visible in this photo is quite unique and innovative way of decorating interiors of a small cafe. It is made by simply framing the transparent pieces of gelatin coated glasses in a frame. The pattern on the wall serves as a background giving unique look this piece of art.

Opposites - RGB and Y
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