Video – Time-lapse of Clouds

Time-lapse photography gives amazing insight into the things which are extremely slow moving and difficult to capture using regular videography methods (more info here). I have created this small time-lapse video of clouds from a gallery of my house.

It is quite easy to create time lapse video if you have a camera which can take photos automatically after the set number of seconds.

For this short time lapse movie, I have used a Go Pro Hero3+ camera. I mounted the camera on a tripod and kept it steady. This camera has a special mode wherein it keeps on taking photos at the regular intervals. I configured the camera to shoot photos after every 1 second. The individual photos were then combined into a single video using a video editor. This effectively compresses 20 minutes worth of photos into a single 23-second video.

In this video, we can clearly observe the wind direction, forming-and-dissolving clouds, and the patterns they create. Clouds are very dynamic entities. They keep on forming and dissipating depending on the strength of the winds, varying earth surface temperatures, changing temperatures of the surrounding air, change in altitude of the air mass, changes in air pressure levels, the intensity of the sunshine, and varying moisture contents in the air surrounding the clouds.

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