Brexit – Easier said than done

BRexit door

… and finally, it happened! A political earthquake has happened in the UK and its political and economic impact will slowly spread throughout the world. Britons have voted to opt out of European Union. About 52% of the population voted to leave and 48% voted to remain. In the exact numbers, a small fraction of 1,269,501 (1.2 million) people changed the outcome of the vote.

Brexit referendum will be seen as a historical event in the modern history of democracies in the world. In my opinion, it is a sad day for the EU and EU supporters in UK, which are almost 48% of the voters participated in a referendum. I feel this was a result of years latent of anger against the European migrants, deep-rooted superiority complex of the natives, and false promises made by the Leave camp.

As per some of the news and estimates, economic turmoil resulting from the Leave vote has make UK poorer than France already! Also, the amount of money lost by the UK economy today is equivalent to their next 25 to 30 years of contribution towards the EU !!

When I think about the impact of Brexit on the common man in UK I wonder – How will the UK deal with so many Europeans now living in UK and how rest of the EU will treat Britons till the dust settles? How will all the legal and financial institutions be separated and detached from their EU counterparts? How are the normal people going to deal with the absence of free movement? Will the UK companies remain competitive, as they will now attract tariffs while selling their good/services in rest of the EU? If they not, it will shrink the UK’s economy and put them on a path of recession. How is the common man going to deal with it? After decades of integration, how the countless families who are now divided between UK and new EU are going to deal with it? Will this lead to Scottish referendum, and eventually disintegration of UK? … Question are countless, and now UK will have to start looking for the answers.

Irrespective of the today’s Brexit poll outcome, I am happy for the British people who got a chance to decide their destiny. However, considering the world, as a whole, will be a better place to live only if it is politically stable and tightly integrated. The geopolitical-economical integration forged in the form of EU, in my opinion, is the best way forward to ensure peace and prosperity for all. Better slower, than never.

Considering this, has UK started walking on the path of self-destruction? I fear, it is a loose-loose situation for both, the EU and the UK alike.

Here is a Quote from Edward Snowden, which will make you think after reading the countless analysis reports on Brexit:

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